Industrial Safety Systems

SICK의 안전시스템은 생산현장에서의 업무 방해 없이 다양한 기계 및 생산 시스템에 최상의 결제적인 가치를 제공합니다. 기계와 사람에 대한 안전 - 센서 전문가들에 의해 개발된 SICK 고유의 안전센서 제품들을 국제 안전규격에 맞춰 작업자를 효과적으로 보고 하고 있습니다.

Safety laser scanners and laser scanners

safety laser scanners

  • S3000, S3000 Cold Store
  • OS2000(Safety scanner system)
  • S300, S200

Laser scanner

  • S100
Multiple light beam safety devices
  • M4000 Advanced, A/P with UE403
  • M4000 Standard, A/P
  • M4000 Area
  • M2000, A/P
  • C4000 Entry/Exit
  • C4000 Palletizer
Safety camera systems
  • V300 Work Station
  • V200 Work Station
  • V4000 Press Brake
Single-beam photoelectric safety switches
  • L4000 system
  • L4000(L41)
  • WSU/WEU 26/2
  • L2000(L21, L27, L28)
Safety light curtains
  • C4000 Standard/Advanced
  • C4000 Standard/Advanced Guest
  • M4000 Advanced Curtain with UE403
  • C4000 Micro, Basic, Basic plus, Eco
  • C2000 Standard, RES/EDM, Cascadable, Eco
  • LGT
Electro-mechanical safety switches

Position switches

  • i10P
  • i10R
  • i110P
  • i110R

Safety switches with separate actuator

  • i12S
  • i16S
  • i17S
  • i18S-AS-i
  • i110S

hinge swithces

  • i10H
  • I110h

Safety locking devices

  • i10 Lock
  • I10 Lock-AS-i
  • i14 Lock
  • i15 Lock
  • i200 Loc
Non-contact safety swithces

Reed technology

  • RE300
  • RE4000
  • RE11
  • RE21
  • RE31
  • RE27
  • RE13

Inductive technology

  • IN4000
  • IN4000 Direct

Transponder tichnology

  • T4000
  • T4000 Compact
  • T4000 Multi
  • T4000 Direc

Safety locking deviecs

  • IN4000
  • IN4000 Direct
Safety command devices

Enabling switches

  • E100

Wire-draw switches

  • i100RP
  • I150RP

Emergency stop pushbuttons

  • ES21
Safety relays


Safety controllers

Flexi Classic and Flexi Soft modular safety controllers

UE4470 flexible safety controller

UE4427, UE4457 safety remote controllers

UE440, UE470 compact safety controllers

Nethwork solutions


DeviceNet Safety

EFI gateways to

  • PROFlsafe
  • CANopen
  • Ethernet TCP/IP

AS_Interface Safety at Work