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Magnetic Sensors

Honeywell magnetic sensors are based on our anisotropic magnetoresistive thin film technology. The product line includes a broad product offering of magnetic sensors, magnetometers, compasses and dead reckoning modules. Common applications are compassing in passenger automobiles, cell phones and handheld GPS receivers, along with compassing and dead reckoning in vehicle, aircraft, marine and personal navigation.

  • Compassing - Automotive, Mobile Phones & Watches
  • Navigation - Vehicle Navigation Systems, Uavs, Air/Marine/Land
  • Position Sensing - Valve Control, Displacement Sensing
  • Vehicle Detection - Parking Meters, Electronic Traffic Signals
  • Security - Metal Detectors, Magnetic Anomaly Detection
  • Dead Reckoning - Backup Navigation For GPS Receivers
  • Others - Medical Devices, Current Sensors, Etc.
  • HMC1001 Single Axis Sensor
  • HMC1002 Two Axis Sensor
  • HMC1021S Single Axis Sensor (SOIC)
  • HMC1021Z Single Axis Sensor (SIP)
  • HMC1021D Single Axis Senor - High Temperature
  • HMC1022 Two Axis Sensor
  • HMC1041Z Single Axis Sensor
  • HMC1043 Three Axis Sensor
  • HMC1051Z Single Axis Sensor
  • HMC1051ZL Single Axis Sensor
  • HMC1052L Two Axis Sensor
  • HMC1053 Three Axis Sensor
  • HMC1501 Single Axis Sensor
  • HMC1512 Two Axis Sensor
  • HMC5883L Three-Axis Digital Compass IC
  • HMC5983 Three-Axis Compass IC
  • HMC6052 Integrated Compass Sensor
  • HMC6352 Two-Axis Compass with Algorithms
  • HMC6343 Three-Axis Compass with Algorithms
  • HMC2003 Three Axis Magnetic Sensor Hybrid
  • HMR2300 Smart Digital Magnetometer
  • HMR2300r Smart Digital Magnetometer (Round)
  • HMR3000 Digital Compass Module
  • HMR3300 Digital Compass Solution
  • HMR3400 Digital Compass Solution
  • HMR3500 TruePoint™ Compass Module
  • HMC6352 Two-Axis Compass with Algorithms
  • HMC6343 Three-Axis Compass with Algorithms
  • DRM™4000 Dead Reckoning Module™
  • DRM™4000L Dead Reckoning Module™
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